Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Iluka to Maclean

Iluka certainly turned on a spectacular sunset the night before departure.

Next morning did a last walk around town along the foreshore path to the marina and then via the Iluka National Reserve to the beach lookout.

Packed the Escape Module and headed out of town to Maclean another big drive 36km.

Decided to stop for the night at the show grounds in Maclean. Right on the river with a view of the old bridge. Cane trucks again! Bouncing across the bridge through the night this time.

It's a shame that the bridge doesn't still work, originality built to lift and open, for cane carrying barges to pass upstream to the mill.

Walked into town, interesting, unusual building, unusual layout, nice.

Before heading out of town next day I did my morning walk to The Lookout.

Fairly steep walk on paved roads but it
was good exercise and the view was
worth the effort.
Iluka Beach lookout.

Maclean Lookout early morning.
The view walking down Clarence St.
Maclean part of the main street.