Saturday, November 8, 2014

Evans Head and F111c

Awoken by a jet ski on the river before sun up. Yes, barely able to see your toes and some arse is hooning up and down. Needless to say won't stop another night here. And btw the trucks went all night to.

Off to Evans Head and the CP there. Another big day driving 23km. Walked around town to see what was what then rode out to the air museum at the airport. They have an F111c in perfect condition.

Then rode back to town and up to the lookout. I just can't help myself if there's a hill I've got to see over it. Had to get off and push for the last bit but smoked the brakes on the way down. Must have broken the land speed record for silly-old-blokes-on-a-bike, for that hill and that day anyway.

Evans Head is a nice little town with good facilities. Good for a couple of days whilst the weather has improved. Forecast is for sunny, high 20s and light winds for the next few, nice.

The driver's seat

18,000lts to fill the tank.

Half way up.

From the top of Evans Headland.