Monday, November 3, 2014

Lennox Head - Lake Ainsworth

Stopped at Lennox Head for a couple of days and enjoyed SUP paddling early each morning on Lake Ainsworth before the blustery wind hit us. Consistent if nothing else. Everyday from about 9am till after dark a strong north easterly. Then on the last day relief. No, same strength wind just a different direction. South east and cool. Temps down from low 30s to low 20s and overcast.

But managed to do some riding and walking through the day. Lennox Head is a popular beach resort that appears to do well in the off season. Nice beach, nice shopping precinct. Many restaurants, cafes and coffee places. Not overly trendy either with lots of local working class yobbos and surfer bums.

Packed up and headed down the coast to Ballina. All of 12km. Big day out! Will stay here a few days. Appears to be the Big Smoke compared with up the road.

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Lennox Headland looking down to the town.