Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cup Day Ballina

Thought for today:  Gambling is a tax on people who do not understand the laws of probability. Gooo Fawkner!

The managers of the caravan park here at Ballina are really nice people, generous with their time. When checking in, Rob spent a lot of time mapping out the bike paths around Ballina and then later Lee, his wife, gave me the goss on where the best of everything is in town.

Then this morning Rob comes around, site to site, inviting people to go into the Park Melbourne Cup day sweeps. They could just book people in and mow the grass like lots most of the others do.

My orchard bloom is in its final stages now. There have been over seventy flowers. Just eight, oops no seven, left and two buds that don't look like they will open?

The last of the bloom.