Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Middlemount and Dingo.

Stopped off at Middlemount on the way down the Fitzroy Dev Hwy, mainly to get some supplies from the IGA in town. It's expensive!

Interesting: I wonder if all mining towns use the same town plan. The place looked the same at Glenden and I managed to drive directly to the shopping precinct, without directions or signs. About 3000 people, mostly mining employees, live and work here.

Took the opportunity to go for a walk up the "Blue Mountains", a small range close to town used for recreation and communications towers. It provides a good view of the German Creek coal mine toward the west. This mine ships 11 million tonnes of Australia, by rail to the coast then overseas, every year.

Back down for lunch in the town park, then farther south on the Fitzroy Dev Hwy to Dingo on the Capricorn Hwy.

At Dingo fuelled up the MH at the Caltex servo and set up around the back for the night. About 6pm a storm front came howling through kicking up a huge dust cloud before a heavy downpour settled it all again. Impressive lightning show and it rained all night. "Won't go astray" was the rather dry reaction from a local, "been a long time since it rained here".

German Creek Mine - hope they put the dirt back when they finish..