Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bouldercombe, Dululu and Baralaba.

Picture this: A small town or more like a small community just 25km south west of Rockhampton, but far enough away to be quiet, on a quiet road with just a pub, a paddock beside, and park across the street. That's Bouldercombe. The pub usually have or should I say, the last time I was there was on a Sunday, had a band happening in the beer garden, nice. But not this time. Anyway camped in the paddock next door and had a quiet night.

Next night Dululu just 60km or so down the road via Gracemere and the supermarket for provisions. Again a paddock in a one pub town.

Then Baralaba on the Dawson River. It's a one pub town as well with general store and a few businesses that support the local community. The town also depends, to some degree, on the local Cockatoo Coal mine.

Back in May this year the coal miner axed 40 jobs and for small town like Baralaba that hurts. The current share price of Cockatoo Coal is 0.001, that's a long way from the high point of 0.182 back in May 2008. No wonder they call these stocks 'penny-dreadfuls'. There's only one place below 0.001.

The town provides a beautiful free camping area on the banks of the Dawson River and it's just a short walk to the main street. Hard not to stay a couple of days, so peaceful.

Baralaba - Dawson River free camp.