Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jandowae Dam.

Chinchilla to Jandowae.

Jandowae is famous for selling 1000 blocks of land in town for just one dollar each, to arrest the declining population back in 2001.

Every now and then, travelling this great land, I'm fortunate to come across some really nice camp spots. Not always secluded in the bush, by a river, blah, blah, blah, but just a nice spot.

Today I think Jandowae Dam is one of them. Admittedly good weather is important, as is P & Q, grass no dust, shady but sunny spots, warm but not hot, no wind but light breezes, water views but no mosquitoes, bitumen road access but no traffic, broadcast radio, mobile telephone and internet access: are you getting the picture? Not easy to find! Or should I say getting harder to find. And then I do something silly and tell you all about it. But hey that's OK, just don't come on the day when I'm here ;)

The township of Chinchilla was a bit of a surprise as well, when looking for provisions this morning. I have previously driven through Chinchilla but never stopped or ventured off the Warrego Hwy to explore the town. Chinchilla has a lovely tree lined main shopping street, off the highway as I think all should always be, and most everything appears to be available. All the stuff I needed anyway. Good camp options as well, close to town, like Chinchilla Lake and Round Water Hole and a bit farther out, Jandowae Dam.

Jandowae Dam - sunset.