Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nebo and Elphinstone Townships.

The other day whilst driving to Elphinstone Lake, and the free camp by the lake, my GPS was directing me to roads and streets that just weren't there. And the map on the screen was showing a grid of streets that weren't there. Later I found the reason whilst reading the signs along the Nebo Creek tourist walk.

A quote from the sign:
"Elphinstone was established as a town back in 1859, it flourished for a short time then gradually declined. Nothing of the town remains today." Well that's certainly true, other than a grid on my GPS, that is!

Could that be the forecast for some of today's outback towns, currently in decline? Back then they loaded the buildings on a dray and took them away to make or add to a town some place else. Lots of pub buildings had multiple locations before they found their final resting place: aka Linville Hotel.

Nebo was a surprise. I was expecting a pub and not much more. Instead I found a large residential town (mostly mining accommodation) with a pub and not much more. Well other than the biggest under cover rodeo stadium I've ever seen. Apparently this is the biggest rodeo, with the most prize money, and held in May every year. There is also a camp draft arena within the grounds. It's way more upmarket than the Eureka Creek facility out near Dimbulah on the Burke Dev Road in FNQ.

Asking about provisions and general shopping a local told me they drive to Mackay for other than milk, bread and the like. That's about 200km return each time. Hmm, the cost of living in the country!

Stayed the night in the show grounds, quiet, spacious, shady, power, water, and hot showers, all for free, nice. No caretaker, no honesty box, no problem...
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Nebo Hotel - a great example of a Queensland Pub.

Elphinstone history.

Nebo Rodeo Stadium.

And the Camp Draft facility.