Saturday, August 22, 2015

Townsville Goodbye.

Been in and around here for so long I've been expecting the council to send me a Rates Notice. Definitely time to leave.

It's a relatively short cruise down to Ayr and Home Hill through cane and cattle country on a smooth, broad highway.

Ayr has all the facilities a traveller could require and Home Hill a couple of reasonable places to stop.

The price of fuel in Ayr, in my case diesel, is 19c per litre cheaper than Townsville, go figure?  Makes a bit of a difference when buying about 150 litres at a time. So filled the MH with fuel and the fridge with provisions for the next few days and stopped for the night at Home Hill.

Have a plan firming up: Down to Bowen then leave the coast heading to Collinsville and coal country. On to Elphinstone Lake, then the Fitzroy Dev Hwy to Middlemount and on to the Capricorn Hwy at Dingo. Hmm see how we go.

Townsville BP servo - My neighbours for the night. Hope none are refrigerated!
Townsville BP servo - Always handy having a supermarket across the road.