Monday, July 20, 2015

Garradunga Pub

Heading north, spent a night at Bilyana roadside rest area, and then on to Innisfail. Parked at the wharf, convenient for walking to the main shopping area, then on to the Garradunga Pub to camp in the backyard. Just me and two others, then by Sunday about 15.

And on Monday it started to rain and it made me think of the Innisfail Song "Hey Rain, 'and they've just fitted anchors to the Garradunga Pub', Hey Rain" 

The Pub is just a few kms north of Innisfail surrounded by sugar cane; well was when I arrived. In the next few days the harvest team got to work to completely change the landscape. The pub, like most in regional Australia, is the social centre of the community and on this Sunday there was a small market out front complete with live music.

Had a major 'deja vu' moment whilst driving through the high cane and seeing the pub for the first time; about 30 years ago my wife and I, with some friends were on a driving holiday from Cairns, heading south and we may have stopped at this pub. Stopped at a few others as well. Things were different then :)

Cane - out front of the pub.

Bit by bit row by row.

Wooroonooran NP range - view from the pub.

The Pub - must remove the anchors in the dry season?