Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cardwell - mail time.

Picking up the snail-mail has a certain amount of anticipation associated with it and that's a good motivator to ride into town and the PO each day. Thanks to my 'sis' for packaging it up and sending it on. It doesn't always arrive when expected, but Apost finally delivered. Yes there were eBay and on-line purchases (usually a surprise, being long forgotten) and notification of things well out of date. An example; a letter from the Electoral Commission regarding a failure to vote in a Queensland election six month ago. What election was that? Where was I then? Hmm, probably Victoria.

Can't resist this whinge: I'm stopped at this small CP, a few kms north of Cardwell, on the banks of the Meunga Creek. It's basic and cheap. I like the owners and their laid-back attitude and they make good pies. Rates are $5/pppn and $5 if you want power. How cheap is that? Not much margin there. The owners actually survive making and selling pies to the local supermarket and at the rest stop in town. Anyway a couple come into the park, set up, and then pull out their generator rather than pay for power. Saved themselves $5, less the fuel of course, maybe a dollar or two? BUT, the noise, the smell! And what about the P&Q for the rest of us? Some people just don't get it!

No commentary or photos on Cardwell, this time, for fear of boring my longterm readers. New followers, feeling cheated, can read the older posts :)

Cardwell earlier this year, last year.

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