Friday, July 24, 2015

Almaden and Chillagoe

Driving on the Burke Dev Road out to Dimbulah, planning to stop at Eureka Creek Station to attend a camp draft and bush races. Whilst at Dimbulah, having morning smoko, we noticed the Savannahlander stopped at the station. Walked over for a look-see and found a film crew making a special to be aired later in the year "Outback Train Adventures" or something. They needed some extras, well I thought so, to wave as the train left the station :)

Turns out my travelling companion had not been to Chillagoe before, so On On to Chillagoe stopping at Almaden, just a rail station and pub. Greeting the train this time. Another opportunity to get in front of the camera?  No not this time.

The road from Almaden to Chillagoe is not motorhome friendly, having four sections of dirt that amount to about 15km, but taken slowly its not too bad and it's worth the dust as there is lots to see, unusual geological formations, caves and history. Also good for the odd photograph especially if you have the patience to get the composition and the light right. On this occasion, that's not me.

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The smelter.

The view of town and surrounds.

Out at the caves looking back to town.