Monday, July 13, 2015

Bruce Hwy

Bruce Hwy. (where did that name come from?)

Heading north via Ingham. No point stopping it's Sunday and the shops and supermarket are closed, probably the Catholic-Italian influence?

Met and offered a lift to Nadine from Germany, backpacking her way to Mission Beach from Adelaide. She was not able to explain why lots of Germany and French are backpacking Oz at the moment other than its a great eco-tourism destination. Hopefully we are not trashing our bit of the planet?

I must admit to holding my breath as we approached the hill and the lookout overlooking the southern end of Hinchinbrook Island. This is where the MH boiled coming south last month. But this time just cruised up with the temperature hardly moving from normal, nice. Stopped at the lookout anyway. Its a great view but could be better without the power lines.

Hinchinbrook Island.