Monday, July 6, 2015

Dam Fine Rally.

For five or so days the roads around Townsville, and probably most of northern Queensland, are running a bit more freely with about 250 motor-homes camped up at the Ross River Dam. There are all sorts of vehicles from wizz-bang pie vans, large converted buses and coaches, goose-neck 5th wheelers, A and C class Winnebago or Swagman types and home-made things that defy description, all congregating for the rally.

Daily activities and presentations on all things to do with motor-homes, travel and tourism. Entertainment and dancing each night and an open day for the general public with trade displays and a market on the weekend.

The Ross River Dam is at Kelso about 20km south of the Townsville CBD. The residential area started selling in the late 60s and the dam started construction in 1970. The dam was designed for flood mitigation and major water supply for the region.

At this time of the year there's lots to do in and around Townsville.

Motor-homes big and small.