Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maroochydore - Linville

Staying in one place for nearly 2 months, not healthy! But been waiting to have the MH inspected (heavy vehicle requirement) for rego purposes. Poor excuse I know. But I'm on the road again and loving that feeling.

No rush getting ready, provisions etc. although some bits were done in between showers of rain. Away by 10am with just 125km planned for the day. An easy run up the range and picturesque even in the drizzle and mist. A leisurely stop at Peachester, shotting the breeze with the locals in the cafe, enjoying lunch. Then Linville via the D'Aguilar Hwy and camping across the street from the pub at the old railway station. Will do my bit and inject some small amount into the local economy. The least I can do for the community that provides a very nice campsite.

It's late arvo and I'm injecting funds into the local community (my choice via the pub) and talking to the publican as you do (no one else there). He's playing the 'lucky tickets' and I relate a lucky tickets story from years ago at the Garradunga pub near Innisfail. He says there is a story in the Courier Mail newspaper today and it says the pub is near Ingham. Sure enough, he's right there is a story about the pub in the paper, but hey I know that pub is just north of Innisfail. Moral of this story: don't believe all you read in the paper and don't believe your local publican. He's probably taking the other side of the argument just to keep you there, drinking.

Linville Train Station and camp


Courier Mail Newspaper