Sunday, October 29, 2017

Charleville - photos

A day off is always a good chance to have a look around.

Took a drive down the Mitchell Hwy to check out the Warrego River. Looking good at Bakers Bend except for some green algae that suggest no flow. Then Dillalah Bridge, a lovely camp spot, but the river turns to billabongs. Definitely no flow!

Interesting, not a camper in sight. For that matter don't remember seeing a caravan or camper on the road either. Too hot?

Took a walk into town and took a few snaps. Charleville is a nice town, has a good feel to it.

Warrego River at Bakers Bend.

Warrego River at Dillalah Bridge.

A Lovely park in Charleville.

Hotel Corones Charleville built in better days.