Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Charleville - Aussie Helpers

Monday morning in Charleville and meeting up with the Aussie Helpers. I've put my hand up to do some volunteer work helping the farming community who are trying to survive this endless drought. Not exactly sure what I'm in for but I'll give it a go. An open mind and a preparedness to do what is needed will be important.

Fundraising is a major part of any charity. But receiving and sorting donations of goods has its challenges. All sorts of donations. All sorts of things given, with the best of intentions, need sorting, inspection, evaluation, and determination as to the best way to utilize or distribute.

So my first day was spent assisting in the sorting of donated toys, all new, and taking delivery of pallets of gift boxes prepared by large corporate businesses. A new experience for me but a satisfying day with measurable achievement.

A sense of purpose, of contributing. A rewarding feeling.