Sunday, January 25, 2015


Time to move and make tracks, 200km+ lifts the daily average. Wagga, Narrandera, Boree Creek and then Lockhart CP for the night.

Just a couple of hours in Narrandera to sort some issues for the fishings club then back on the road again, south to Lockhart. Love this town, love the art, love the verandahs. This is wheat country, silos, wheat stacks and rail sidings.

The CP is cheap and cheerfully right on the edge of town and on the banks of the Brookong Creek. Just a short walk to the main, the verandahs, the fantastic pavement, the pubs and club. And don't forget the welded metal street art. I wondered what all those ball bearings were under that horse?

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The swaggy at Boree Creek.

Lockhart street art.

Out front of the CP.

From back a bit it looks real.

The main street of Lockhart Saturday Night, mad!