Monday, January 19, 2015


Well that's a surprise! Not one correct answer. Actually not one answer. Needless to say no bitcoin either. And I thought my readers were more intelligent than that. Hmm maybe they were clever, hanging onto their hard-earned.

Spent some time in Batlow about 600m climb from Tumut and cool cold at night. A chance to catch up and shoot the breeze with love-ones, BBQ, pizza, beer, wine and 4x4 driving through the mountains, nice. (not all a once)

Batlow is a small apple growing community in the Snowy Mountains about 35km uphill from Tumut. One pub, one supermarket, actually only one of anything but not one of everything. They started a cider festival three years ago and the patronage has doubled every year since. Lots of food stalls in the main street and of course lots of cider.

The caravan park is small and caters mostly for backpackers who come to pick the fruit. Penny the manager is friendly and welcoming and the amenities clean and tidy. Its not 5 star but its friendly.

Batlow CP. Love that sign - says it all.

Creek crossing, Gilmore Creek.

Blowering Dam - just 30% atm.