Monday, October 6, 2014

Linville - NRL GF - Magpies?

Public Holiday. Now it makes sense. All these cars, camper trailers and caravans in my quiet little town. The pub jumpin' Sunday night with the NRL grand final and celebrations till 3am. In Linville? Mind you I was home in bed after the game. Hope everyone is heading home today. I'll give them a day to clear the roads before I must head to the coast myself. With mixed emotions.

Thought for the day: Is it only city or urban Magpies that swoop during nesting season? Having ridden about 60km in the last few days, mostly on the rail trail in the countryside, I have not been swooped once. Saw plenty of Magpies. Then when riding in down town Moore, near the main street and highway, was swooped by three different birds. Go figure? Maybe they get angry like their urban dwelling human neighbours?

Been reviewing my Camps Aust Wide maps. It might be time to turn the page on South East Queensland.                                                                 click an image to enlarge
Linville Bar - Note the TV. Stepping back in time?

Orange dots are memorable camp spots.