Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harrisville Royal Hotel

Pomona, Toogoolawah and Harrisville.

Rode into Pomona and about town before leaving. Just needed to see if my legs would still function after the mountain workout.

Pomona is set up for tourists. They named the streets after what's in the street, like: Church, School, Mountain, Station, Pavilion, Exhibition and even Ambulance Street. Not showing a lot of creativity I hear you say? But hey you know, in advance, what you are going to get.

Interestingly I still managed to get lost on what should of been just a 2km bike ride to the mountain the other day. And yes the mountain is in Mountain Street but I didn't realize I needed to go to Church first!

Doing a big westward loop to avoid Brisbane and decided on Toogoolawah show grounds to overnight. Toogoolawah has three pubs so there's more to it than the map indicates. A busy metropolis? No, I don't think so but interesting all the same. The rail trail to Brisbane goes through here. Only the section here to Esk is open to the public at the moment. I assume the section onto Moore, Linville and Blackbutt will be connected at some future time?

Harrisville Royal Hotel on Saturday night to watch the four nations rugby. This pub is always a good place to stop, friendly people, good food, cold beer and a backyard with a view. Heating up out here next week expecting ~40 Monday and Tuesday. Good time to be heading to the coast.

Day break in the back yard of the Royal Hotel.