Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Coopernook - Gunning - Adelong

Left Casino on Sunday after a late breakfast and the usual talk with MGB.

Sunday night camped in back of the pub at Coopernook. Quiet night, good.

Monday morning packed up early and headed to Sydney with the plan of looping around Sydney using the new tunnel and the usual M1-M2-M7.

Uneventful except for the high winds on the south side and on to Gunning. Well almost uneventful. Nearly got blown sideways of a bridge over one of the many rivers south of Pheasants Nest. I think that is when the left segment of the windscreen cracked, not a stone kicked up by traffic this time. It was a very strong gust leaning the motorhome over significantly. Lots of effort on the steering wheel to stay on course.

Overnighted in Gunning at the free camp down by the creek. A bit damp with the resent rain and I was worried about getting bogged. But all OK. Next time I'm here I might look at staying in the main street opposite the Post Office. It's on the bitumen, parallel parking and in front of a disused bank, nice and flat and probably quiet after dark. Being in the sun in the morning and close to the coffee shop is also an advantage when its just 4deg.

Was probably once the proud local Gunning GM dealer

Drove the back way from Gunning to Yass checking out the railway and small towns that could be good for a overnight stopping. Dalton is just 11km north west of Gunning and has an old pub with street art out front, two things that I find interesting.

Street Art - love it!

Royal Dalton in Sheep Country

Leeton Rd settled, nice.