Saturday, November 13, 2021

Casino NSW

Started moving stuff over to All Type Diesel Services where the motor-home is waiting for loading. Fridge is cold and freezer is working well. Got stuff loaded and about 10am decided why wait. On the road before 11am headed for Casino NSW.

The motor-home is running very smoothly. I was especially attentive for any anomalies, anything out of the ordinary, but she's a pleasure pulling up hills really well and cruising the highways and freeways without effort, better than ever.

Arrived at Casino BlazeAid camp at about 430pm on Tuesday and decided staying till Sunday helping out would be good. Been back here several times since the fires in 2019.

Unsettled weather and the paddocks were wet but we got a bit done. About 20 volunteers going out in three teams with two tractors and a tracked bobcat with bucket and auger. For me it was mostly chainsaw work building end assemblies and staying strainer posts. Fortunately all the heavy lifting was done by the machines, not like the 'good' old days. Thank god!

I found it interesting going back to, or past, farms where I had helped lockup paddocks by standing up the old burnt stuff to quickly contain the cattle. Now the teams are replacing those old burnt fences and building with new materials, far more rewarding.

Bit of handy chair saw work

One very handy device that makes nice holes

Timber spilt post fence
ready for wire.