Monday, April 8, 2019

Turning North

Cruising north on the Hume Hwy from the border of Victoria and can't help but notice that caravans are swarming. Especially smoko and lunch at places like Holbrook and Gundagai.

People watching, always interesting, in this case, whilst eating lunch. Multiple people, travelling with dogs, doing selfies with their dog and the dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai. Hmm, *thinks* how many dog statues are there in Australia. Hmm, *thinks* so how far would you travel to get a pic with you and your K9 and a dog statue? Would your dog smile? Did any that I saw today smile? Always hard to tell. Teeth: angry dog ~ happy dog?

Stopover tonight is at Jugiong. Bad timing as the pub, being open 6 days a week, but not today Monday. So I expect all the vanners are eating baked beans. Not me, roast lamb tonight. Actually reheating leftovers, but lovely just the same.