Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Boorowa BA

Just doing a coupla hundred km per day it has taken me a week to get to Boorowa. Boorowa is about 100km, as the crow flys, to Batlow, my destination for next month. Till then I'll be doing some fence rebuilding with BlazeAid.

The camp is in the town showgrounds and has power, water and shade, nice. 

This time I'm pleased to be shifting about from farm to farm doing just a few days here and there. Working different farms means a variety of work and people.

It's a good camp. The local townspeople prepare our weekday evening meals. On weekends we either go out as a group for a sponsored meal at a club or pub around town or make do at the camp. The meals are always good.

Now progressing from clearing fences to building some new ones. Steadily ticking off farms as completed as we go.

Smoko on an overcast wet day in the paddock.

Yep, another fence photo! Part way finished.

Looking better. Just need to add the ringlock to keep those pesky sheep in.