Sunday, January 21, 2018


Spent a night at Cotton Tree, provisioned then headed toward Murgon. Stopped for the night at Kandanga being a day ahead of the commitment made to be in Murgon to help at the BlazeAid camp.

Just after Chrismas, a very destructive storm cell ripped a path north from Dalby through Kingaroy and Murgon. Lots of trees downed and fences trashed.

The camp will be relatively short as we need to finish and vacate the showgrounds by mid-March. Show season approaches. But we should be done by then.

Good facilities here at the Murgon Showgrounds with some caravans able to be under shelter. 

Misty morning. Cool! Nice sleeping weather but hot days.

A mini tornado they say.

Late in the day, he turns up to help.