Monday, January 15, 2018

Bushfire, truck fires and houseboats

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I could have been delayed, re-routed, whatever. I was heading north from Mooney Mooney just in time to be behind the truck as the incident unfolded, except I was 24hours in front, whew! As it was I drove through lots of smoke from the bushfire near the Newcastle Airport being blown across the A1 north of Raymond Terrace.

Spent the night a Bulahdelah and it rained all night, nice. Helped put the bushfire out they say, but then today the truck!

Stopped to purchase a new roof hatch lid in Coffs Harbour after one of the oldest, yet to be replaced, sun degraded lids blow off in the high winds. 14 years in the sun and elements is a good run for any cheap plastic part, I think. But when one goes best to replace all:- next time.

Stopping at Maclean on the Clarence River tonight and fantasizing about a houseboat and living on this river. Really good access to extensive waterways and lots of towns like Yamba/Iluka on the coast and Maclean, Lawrence and Grafton upriver. But a motorhome has far greater reach. I'll stick with what I have :)

Tonight's view from my lounge room.