Friday, December 30, 2016


Anticipation peaking! The call of the open road!

Left early on boxing day, heavy traffic heading south from Brisbane. Looking like day tourist, no overloaded cars, not many caravans, campers, boats or box trailers with springs-a-straining. Picnickers getting out for the day? Not good timing on my behalf. What was I thinking?

Suspect the fuel companies are making the most of it with prices on the highway higher than what seems fair. Smaller towns down the road much cheaper. e.g. Brisbane 137c/l - Ballina 122c/l, go figure... so is this what Christmas is all about? (Oops kids my cynicism is showing)

Changed the clock along the way to Lawrence on the Clarence. Caught up with some BA volunteers before settling in the back yard of the pub for the night. Always a welcoming place to stop.

The Pacific Highway or should that be the A1-slow-way continues. New sections opening up but still lots of stop-go and go-slow sections. Motorist heading north had a 30km crawl to the Macksville bridge, unbelievable!

This bridge will be gone soon. The car ferry next?