Saturday, December 3, 2016


Originally it was to be 'just a few days' but it ended up being nearly two weeks. Lots to do and interesting. Arrived at the Brahman bull stud just in time to watch beasts being sorted in the yards and loaded onto a double-deck, triple-trailer, road-train. If only they knew the selection criteria was based on behaviour. Quieter gets to stay and live longer.

My first impression was Brahmans are dumb flighty animals and you need to stay well clear, well not true. I came away, days later, believing its all about the way you handle them. They are actually intelligent and their bad behaviour seems to be about not knowing what's going on, not done it before, what's expected of them or trying to make it happen too quickly. Softly softly catchee monkey, appears to be the way.

Our daily routine: driving around the 4000 acres, checking paddocks and dams for water, supplementary feed and cataloging the newborn calves. Some days moving herds from one paddock to another based on the available feed. Always something needs doing. Always something else waiting on the to-do list.

Ultimately, it was the forecast weather that set my wheels in motion. Heatwave! Time to hit the coast and enjoy a sea breeze and maybe swim in the briny. Thanks to the bovine whispers C&D for the experience.

To market to market to get a fat cow...

Inquisitive critters.

Mother nature needs a hand.

Move over let me drive.

His sperm is worth bottling. Bags not me!

Bulls in the home paddock, me walking to lunch. Slowly.