Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back to Cotton Tree

Left Monto after two weeks work heading north to Biloela then west and south to Theodore. Next day stopped at Taroom for coffee, Miles for lunch and then The Gums and on to Meandarra for the night.  A nice spot at $5 for power for 3 nights and close to the pub overlooking a river.  Did the laundry and met Tom Fender of the Fender guitar fame, well some relative or other anyway. Swapped some music on USB and some movies. There is a good war museum in town well worth the visit.

After a couple of days headed to Dalby fuelling up and on to swinging bridge Park at Cooyar. Stopped here on the way north to Monto a couple of weeks ago. Nice place to stop well of the road, quiet, but no internet or phone, damn. Headed off early, lots of mist and some heavy rain. Stopped at Moore for breakfast then on to Cotton Tree arriving about 10am. Booked in for a week, can only stay till the 29th Easter, but that's OK.

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 The creek at Meandarra
The war museum at Meandarra