Friday, October 15, 2021

Kandanga - Tin Can Bay

Got an email toward the end of the day from my conveying solicitor in Narrandera: deposit receive, contract sent. Looks like I just sold the two blocks of land on the Leeton Rd.

Left Kandanga to arrive at Woolies in Gympie at about 830am. Not one person wearing a mask in the shopping centre but hey no complaint from me. Got some provisions and headed to Tin Can Bay for the night.

Booked into a Caravan Park in the centre of town, down by the marina. Power tonight to test the inverter/charger, fridge, and hot water system are working properly on 240v. Everything appears good.

A bit of wild weather overnight but a nice sunny day to follow, if a bit humid. Just cruisin' around town checking out the places I remember from back in 2012 when I stayed here for a couple of weeks. Tin Can Bay is a nice place to visit and probably a good place to retire to, if you are into fishing that is. Quiet at the moment but goes crazy-mad over the summer holidays and the bugs, like midges, are prolific. The buggers would feast on me so you won't seeing me here then.