Saturday, February 22, 2020

Woodenbong BA Closing soon

Lately, we've been working really close to the Queensland border, actually on a property with the Queensland Rabbit Exclusion Fence running through it. It's rough terrain in the foothills of the McPherson Range. Mt Lindesay, as always, features on the horizon showing yet another majestic side.

Just about all of the farms have been completed now. Just a week or two left to finish off some of the bits that were waiting for bulldozers to clear fence lines or gullies, and terrain to dry out.

The weather has been slowing things down as we've been rained off several times, once for five days in a row, after really heavy rain. Had to wait for the ground to dry out sufficiently to get back on the paddocks. That tends to test your patience looking for things to keep yourself occupied.

Anyway, homeward bound soon.