Tuesday, October 30, 2018

BlazeAid - Woolooga Fires - Lower Wonga - Overseas Vanpackers

From time to time at BlazeAid camps, where I've been volunteering, overseas vanpackers have dropped in to help out with fire or flood recovery. It's a win-win as the tourists get to do something different, meeting and working closely with locals and going places and see things they would not usually get to see or do. For BlazeAid they are a source of young strong labour and are most welcome. A couple of days or a couple of weeks, it all helps.

At a BlazeAid camp, all the volunteers are provided with somewhere to camp, hot showers, toilet facilities and 3 meals a day. The work is usually farm fencing, either pulling down a fence or building a new one. No previous experience is required and all tools and safety equipment are supplied.

Of course, the camps are open to anyone fit enough to work out in a paddock from about 7am till mid-afternoon. It can be hot, hilly, dry, wet, dirty, but it's always rewarding.

The current camp at Lower Wonga Hall is here to help farmers recover from the Woolooga Fires. The camp has been going for about a month now and has done some great work already.

So if you are an overseas visitor or an Aussie touring about looking for a new experience stop into a BlazeAid camp and give it a go.

Was once a fence, a very long fence!

Cut it up, roll it up, cart it away.

A new fence, not always in a neat and tidy paddock.