Monday, July 2, 2018

Weethalle - Silo Art

Directly north of Narrandera and via Barellan is Weethalle. Just a small town, as most are, but big enough to think of painting their silo about 12 months ago, nice job too. Very popular these days. Draws the tourist. They just need to convert the visits into revenue for the town.

Stopped for the night at Tullibigeal, just a bit further north. Great free camp with (donation) power, water and hot showers. Just me and one other tonight. A route less travelled it would seem. Except for me, I've been here a few times. The quiet town and the quiet roads appeal. Easy, just cruising. Might have seen half a dozen cars today, in 170kms.

Before leaving tomorrow a walk through the Co-Op general store is always interesting.

The sad part is that Weethalle is the last of the Silo Art, it's a southern thing apparently. 

Weethalle Silos.