Monday, June 25, 2018

Rochester - Silo Art.

Lived in Melbourne for 50 years and toured the state extensively during that time, getting about is easy. Victoria is a compact state. The good things come to mind travelling about. Like the crisp mornings and clear, still, windless days, in central Victoria during winter.

Woke this morning to -1deg. Ice on the ground and crunching grass. The landscape is frost covered but the sun is bright. Driving in the early morning sees golden pasture one side of the valley, frosty white the other. It won't last long.

Stopped at Rochester, yep another silo. This one in the final stages of completion. Ambushed Jimmy DVate (the artist) and had a chat. Got his business card and his website: He also did the Barking Owl on the Goorambat Silo, my fav.

Not finished yet.

Viewed from the park next door.