Thursday, September 7, 2017

Maroochy River

Lots of activity in the river and along the beach at Maroochydore.

The council is spending lots of dollars 'replenishing/renourishing' (Council's words) the beach by dredging sand from the river. The plan is to pump 100,000 cubic meters of sand from the river to deposit on the beach and increase the current flow past Cotton Tree Park and Cornmeal Creek. A pipe runs from the dredge out along the river bed, then via the caravan park and about 1km, to disgorge the sand and water on the surf beach.

From the link-google-photos, you can see it's not the first time and probably not the last time we will be seeing the dredge in action. Over time and after storms the sand on the beach is carried away and most of it seems to end up in the river again. The river and its course are apt to change month by month but what is most noticeable is the continual buildup of sand.

But life goes on regardless: sunset and sunrise here can have you spellbound.

Replenishing the beach
Dredging the river.



Moon on the rise.