Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Packing. Well, a different type of packing. Packing for a train trip from Brisbane to Cairns.

Only going to be away a week but not sure about what needs to go. It's not like packing an 8-ton motorhome where weight and space are not normally an issue.

Must admit I didn't give it a lot of thought when booking the tickets. As it stands, I will be traveling to Brisbane from Maroochydore via the train station at Nambour only to ride the train back via Nambour on the way to Cairns. I think the Spirit of Queensland would stop to pick me up in Nambour, well if I had booked it like that. Anyway will ask if they will drop me off at Nambour on the way back.

FNQ and Cairns are familiar, been there before. The first time was back in the 80s, and later in my motorhome adventures in the last couple of years. But this time I'm staying in an Airbnb right in the middle of town and I will be able to explore the CBD and not have to worry about where my MH is parked or if it's safe or getting a parking ticket. (There are all sorts of parking restrictions for large, long, heavy vehicles, commercial or not). My Airbnb host has a push-bike available for me and I have places and things planned that I want to see and do, but more of that later.

In the meantime: Anticipation running high!