Thursday, June 15, 2017

Funnel Creek

Doesn't always happen but this time it was true: the talk around the campfire was spot on.

Our first day out and first farm started out with a 70km drive to the farm gate and then a 12km drive down the driveway to the homestead. Meet and greet, shoot the breeze and off to work. Well not quite. Leave your 4x4 and trailer here it won't get to where we need to go, says the farmer. So we load up into 2 quad bikes, a 3 seater gator and the tractor.

A slow drive of 4km through the paddocks to where the tractor was needed to ferry us, our tools, and 3 quad bikes across the Funnel Creek, then off to the boundary fence.

It proved to be a family day out with our 4 BA volunteers working side by side the farmer his wife and two young children.

It was a big day getting back to camp after dark having worked in the paddock and driving about 170km. A new and different adventure tomorrow?

The gator getting a ride across the creek.