Sunday, April 17, 2016

Billinudgel Hotel - Yelgun.

The number of times I've stayed at the truck stop at Yelgun, not knowing that there is a far better place less than 5 mins away -the Billinudgel Hotel. Just goes to show you need to get out and about and find the good spots. Besides being off the highway, away from truck nocturnal movements, friendly with a cold beer and good food, it has a quiet backyard.

Well, it seemed that way on arrival, mid afternoon. Had a beer at the bar, shoot the breeze with the barman, decided I like the place and went for a snooze before dinner. Woke to see a band setting up in the garden bar in the backyard. Oops Saturday night festivities. All of a sudden the truck stop at Yelgun is looking not so bad. Billinudgel Hotel -nice but not on Saturday night.

Had a quiet night at Yelgun as most truckers get the weekend off. Early Sunday morning a smooth transition through Brisbane and all set up in my fav CP in Cotton Tree well before lunch. Home -! or ?, hmm.

The Billi Pub.