Friday, June 12, 2015

Ingham and about.

Toured around Ingham for a few days getting to know the area a bit better.

Took the Abergowrie Rd west to Long Pocket looking to do a bit of NP walking on the Wet Tropics Great Walk. But found the floodways on the way to Girringun National Park toward Henrietta Gate just a bit more 4x4 than I was willing to risk with the MH. It was not possible to leave the MH off the narrow track anywhere nearby and walk or ride the last bit so it was a long reverse till I could do a 10 point U-turn. Might come back at a later date when rain is less threatening and I'm better prepared. Stayed overnight out front of the Ashton Hotel at Long Pocket and met some nice people.

Provisioned in Ingham again and headed to Jourama NP. Been here before, no problem getting in. This is a great place to stretch the legs and take a few photos. The walk to the falls lookout is about 3km return from the overnight camping area. The first bit is the road to the day parking area then a lovely walk down into the gorge and up the other side to the lookout. Its about 450m zig zag climb on a really well maintained path.

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Ashton Hotel.

The gorge before the climb.

The gorge and the falls in the bsckground.

The falls with a bit of zoom.