Thursday, May 21, 2015

On to Meandarra.

Met up with a sundowner on a bicycle at The Gums (corner of the Leichardt and the Surat Development highways) who I offered a lift on to Meandarra.

At Meandarra the council has an enticement to stay in town a bit longer, pay $10/n for two nights and get the next two nights free. This includes hot showers, power, water and a nice view of the Brigalow Creek. Or camp further down along the creek without power for free.

The MH service went to plan as did some bicycle maintenance. The weather started to deteriorated to drizzle and rain on the four day but that was OK as the current creek level is proof that more rain is needed here atm.

Meandarra, according to the info signs along the creek walk, says it is aboriginal for 'place of water'. Somewhere else I saw it was named after a pastoral property. But my fav is down the main street where there is a memorial that suggest that it was named because, when asked who lives here, a local said 'Me and Darra'. Darra being his dog.

Meandarra boasts a very good ANZAC military museum, well worth the entrance fee. It is the only museum permitted to use the title ANZAC outside of the Canberra museum. The council guy, collecting the camping fee, suggested it is a five million dollar museum in a fifty dollar town. He was smiling :-)

Me and Darra

Me and Darra in front of the museum.