Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wagga Wagga

Four days to Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga, such a nice place they named it twice, or so the locals will tell you.

First stop Yelgun rest stop. Heading south via the Princes Hwy this is a good one, just 250km, far enough for me after a late start. Yelgun is off the Hwy and quiet. Noted no trucks tonight and not many on the road either. The ones that are appear to be carrying supermarket stock.

Night two Kendall SG just a few kms from the highway but not many, if any, know about it. A very cheerful lady takes just $8.50 for a powered site, nice.

Night three after various breaks along the way, Pheasant Nest, south side of Sydney in the back of the servo. Surprisingly acceptable with ear plugs. Stopped in Goulburn next morning for some shopping and provisioning. You may have guessed by now I travel first class. Always fresh fruit and veg on board. No tinned crap here, well not often.

Night four somewhere near Wagga. Wanted to visit a caravan parts supplier but he had closed, big time, its now a vacant lot. The highway will be my home tonight.

Observations: The M1 Hwy into Sydney is spectacular via Ku-ring-gai NP if you take the opportunity to look or is it just sitting up high in the MH affords a better view? And then driving the Hume Hwy over the rolling hills of southern NSW, absolutely beautiful. Australia we've got it all.

Again no photos. It turns out I did pack a camera or two but highways shots... boring.