Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Townsville Dam Fine Rally

Home Hill - Townsville DFR
Left Home Hill just after 8am provisioned in Ayr and booked into the DFR in the early arvo and was allocated a shady site, not good. Chook and Deb are here, must catch up. Went for a 10km ride and felt better for it. My neighbour for the next week is Chris and his dog Diesel.

Over the next 7 days I rode the bike tracks into town along the Ross River.  The first 9km are ordinary but further downstream its very picturesque the path weaving across the river and along the banks with some very nice views. Some rides were as much as 33km. Caught up with Chook and Deb, nice.  Other days I caught the bus into town and walked around. Fantastic weather, clear still days.

I also checked out the entertainment here at the rally. Some daytime seminar type sessions were interesting and the trade day and public open day with market stalls was good. Checked out the night time entertainment but it did not appeal, might when I'm ten years older, but I hope not!

Spent some time with Chook and Deb. Moved into the sun and parked next to Vianna and Robert who I previously met in Home Hill. Had some interesting discussions with John and Cheryl and 3 others around the fire at night. Then the talk turns to CMCA and the caravan park overlords, I got sucked in, may have alienated people, oops. The argument put is always the same all caravan park owners are evil and are lobbying government to stamp out free camping. I don't believe you can or should use the broad brush with that argument as in things are different from the coast to the outback or country towns.

Went for a ride with Chook and Deb along the river, 30+ km, nice day out.

Not sure that I'm a rally type but it was interesting at times.
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Love to see a biplane in action