Monday, May 20, 2013

Boomi to Cotton Tree - new batteries

Boomi - Talwood sports ground overnight.  Then Meandarra by lunch next day.  A bike ride to the tip to get a container for Dora's old oil. Tom Fender here again.  Went to the pub for a beer or two and read the Sunday paper. I was the only customer drinking there for about 2 hours and Eric the publican talked my ear off. Eventually telling me just how disillusioned he is with the locals, the turnover, and life in general. Next time I will go to the bowling club when I want a quiet beer.
Camp fees are $5 for 3 nights then $5/night, clever marketing. It appears most stop for 3 nights rather than waste money, tight arse old bastards we are.
Grease and oil change for Dora at 154157km.  Took all morning to service Dora but done till 162150km, nice. Usual lunch then a walk down the main street took 5 mins. Nana nap then took the old oil to the tip.  Quiet day as Tom went for a drive with his buddy. Nice guy but has a lot to say and is an authority, it seems anyway, on everything.  
On to Cecil plains. Stopped at Tara to provision then on to Cecil plains. Cleaned the cattle shit off Dora's nose, thanks to an overtaking truck. The free camp here is nice the road not overly noisy. Walked around town then had a couple at the pub.
Marburg arriving for lunch, looks like a nice place, showgrounds a good place to stop @$15/night with power, ok by me. Races this weekend, sorry I can't stay. Neighbours for tonight Noel and Dot and Jim and ? 

Back to Cotton Tree for some much needed maintenance on the motorhome. Two of the deep cycle batteries have failed, after six years that not bad.  Tossed all four and brought 2 Fullriver AGM batteries from Alco Batteries Maroochydore, $360 each.
Booked into Cotton Tree Caravan Park for a week, back on site 91. Climbed Mt Coolum a couple of times as well as walking and bike riding the coastal paths.
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 Meandarra creek beside the camp spot
 Marburg Pub classic Queensland
Atop Coolum looking to Maroochydore