Monday, September 17, 2012

Tin Can Bay - Paralympics

Booked into the Top Tourist CP in Tin Can Bay.  A little bit away from the centre of town but close to bay and a nice bike path into town and down to a nice restaurant and coffee shop on the water's edge offering free internet.  My site has good TV reception for the watching of those late night wheelchair basketball games from the Paralympics in England.

Rode to the local pub and was reminded of Papua New Guinea and the dropouts and misfits that choose to live there.  Maybe they all transferred from here?

Loving it here.  Quiet.  Good bike paths and light local car traffic.  A good IGA just up the road or a woolies about a 10km bike ride away.  Layback nice clubs, yacht club, golf club and RSL.  Good fishing.  And at this time of the year no bugs but apparently thats different in summer.  Ended up staying three weeks.

Whilst here I met Alan from north of Sydney somewhere just touring about in his caravan.  We rode, fished and had the odd happy hour together.  I also fell in with the park owners, Ian and Chris, because my park was a TT Park as well.

The Gliders take out silver, congratulations girls.

Rode the bus into Gympie for a bit of variation walked around town and then back to the Bay.

Packed up and moved to Rainbow Beach expecting to stay awhile but its a bit like Noosa and not my style.  So will move on after just 2 nights.
 Tin Can Bay Yacht Club 
Rainbow Beach