Sunday, March 11, 2012

Darlington Point - Floods - Narrandera

Echuca to Darlington Point. Rained overnight. Woke at 4am but had a good sleep, pleased to be heading off today. Local flooding but should not effect me going north. Heard from Ged they're ok in Quinty, at the moment anyway, that's good.

Lunch at Conargo coffee. Afternoon tea with Les after parking in the backyard of the house sit at Darlington Point. Some wine and lovely chicken rice curry for dinner.

Les and I went to Carrathool to check out the new pub then ran of a dirt road into a water filled gully on the way to Griffith. Got towed out by a friendly local. Lunch at the RSL then brought 2 bottles of wine after a tasting at a winery there. Lots of water over the roads around Griffith. Then back to DP. Good to be back on dry ground some places have had over 200mm.

Clear sky nice day coming. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast with Les, nice.
Drove to Narrandera via Whitton and Leeton to avoid the water over roads everywhere, the trucks have no idea where to go.

Feeling good for no apparent reason, but that's good. Thinking this is not a bad block of land and has potential,. What the!

Lots of reports about flooding in Griffith and Wagga on the radio. Mowed some more grass. Rewired the radio, GPS, CB, and reversing camera to the house battery. This should save the crank battery from the slow discharge when parked up for long periods.

Went to the pub has a few, good night.  River now at 8.77m and meant to peak Saturday the levy bank only has about 70cm left in it. Locals are worried. Sandbagging happening everywhere.

River at 9.0 meters this morning. Revised the peak time to today about noon. Serviced the Onan generator 650 hours oil and filter.

Rode around town before doing the shopping then home. Went down the pub with Rod and Rocco for a few beers in the afternoon. Packed up ready to head off tomorrow.

The water is subsiding but quite a bit of flood damage around town. Ken and Brabs park went under at the very last moment their levees giving way.
The view from on top the levee looking across the Murrumbidgee