Monday, July 27, 2015

Eureka Creek Station - Campdraft.

East from Chillagoe and ~15km west of Dimbulah is the Eureka Creek Station and a campdraft over the weekend. This is how our country cousins entertain themselves. Events for the little toddlers, teens and adults. All things to do with the horse including a 9 event race card and fashions on the field.

There is stuff to amuse everyone with stalls selling auto parts to clothing, a bar, food stalls and a stage for the band each night. A real hoedown or more accurately a dust-fest even with the water trucks splashing water around all day.

The day starts at 7am with campdraft events in the main arena. I'm told of all the sports in the world campdraft is the only one where males and females compete on equal terms.

When the sun goes down those with stamina (and fibreglass livers) go on till the early hours of the next day, partying.

It's all about how good your horse is.

The cut-out pen is a good spot to speculate. 

Early morning start.