Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Miles BA.

 Of late I've helped out at a BlazeAid camp at Miles. 

Quick facts:

Miles is a rural town and locality in the Western Downs Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, the locality of Miles had a population of 1,746 people. (Wikipedia)

The work was rebuilding fences after a significant bush fire. As always dirty work. Lots of chainsaw work. But the side hustle for fires is the amount of timber requiring removal from the fence line.  Lots of fire wood for our nightly camp fire. 

And the boys got to play...

A chimney - hollow log

A candle - chainsaw prep

Yep, yet another fence photo.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Nabiac to Maroochydore.

I've been remiss and misleading with my posts, so a not so quick update on the bits left out of the story so far. Maybe I've finally come to terms with it all. Between October and now this is what else has happened.

September 2022 ended with me returning to Cotton Tree for a few weeks to organize the temporary garaging of the MH at Adelong in NSW. To do this it required using the VW and a co-driver. So all set and off we go in the two vehicles.

An easy tour down the M1 till the town of Nabiac and exiting via the slip road for fuel. A loud clatter from the engine bay suggested all was not well. Luckily we cruised to a stop within a few hundred yards and were able to park up till assistance arrived, three days later, in the form of a low-loader. The MH is returned to Maroochydore. So yep I have been trying to forget the experience ever since.

Turns out not quite so bad as the MH's insurance company came to the party, after their assessor's inspection, agreeing the damage was covered under the policy. Mind you a saga was to unfold in the form of getting a replacement engine.

First a quote from the repairer. This required finding an engine supplier and working out all the other bits needed and summitting the quote. The assessor assesses and advises the insurer. The insurer commits to pay for the repairs. Job done, Nup!

The next saga. The engine supplier has quoted for a engine they do not have in stock. Weeks pass with very little feed back from them. They are holding a significant amount of the repairers money, in the form of full payment, for the yet to appear engine.

But wait there's more - yet another saga. The engine is finally shipped coming from South Australia but the courier has failed to secure the load and the engine has rolled over during transport. The damage is significant and the engine has to be returned.

It's now May so from the outset it's been 6 months. In the meantime the repairer has the MH up on jacks and the old engine ready to be swapped out. The MH is waiting, taking up valuable space in the workshop, awaiting someone else's convenience.

All Type Diesel Service is my repairer and I highly recommend them. They are a resourceful, competent and professional company in Maroochydore.

MH loaded in Nabiac.

p.s. So for the last 6 months, when touring, it's been in the VW Multivan.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Blueys Beach -Booti Booti -Wallis Lake -Red Head -Black Head -Wallabi and Old Bar.

 Navigating NSW coast generally north as the weather is sunny and warm. Free camping and spending my days reading-snoozing, swimming-walking. Working hard at not going anywhere specific, just cruising.

A fellow traveller and I recently talked about trig points and geocaching and lo and behold I started coming across TPs everywhere, well almost. If you want a special out of the way, unusual, special view, walk or indeed trek, go exploring TPs. Get of the beaten track or just a popular tourist spot, interesting.

Haven't played where-is-it for while.