Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Full Moon Rising

 Back to Cotton Tree for mail and stuff. Timing not the best, school holidays. 

Queensland beautiful one day, full of Victorians the next!

Full moon rising.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Woolooga - Munna Creek

Woolooga BA camp will close at the end of this month.

As is often the case the hard jobs that have been avoided come to the top of the list toward the end. This one is a doozy!

The farmer tells us this part of the farm was leased to a cane farmer who walked away from the lease and the crop because of the flood.

Cows know no boundary and washed away fences need to be re-establish after the flood.

The farmer explains the creek is running strong at the moment but can be dry for extended periods and needs to be fenced. The creek is not always the boundary between the two properties and it something needs fences across as well.

These photos give an indication of the height and the ferocity of the flood waters.

Yep there is a fence down there.
And a creek crossing as well.

Wash-away just about to take the fence.

Same fence as above.
Cane crop left of screen.

There's a fence in there.

A fence in there - zoomed out.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Woolooga steel and timber

As of late it has been a mixture of adventures from retrieving flattened wire picket fences and patching others, to demolishing old timber cattle yards and making timber driveway gates and grids, cattle proof again. 

The camp has volunteers coming and going all the time. People coming for a few days or longer. Some reasonably local, some from interstate and some with foreign accents. All here for the same reason, to lend a hand. 

The foods good and the company at night around the camp fire interesting.

The farmers are always happy to see us and very appreciative. Some providing muffins for morning smoko and others invigorating home brew drinks after a days work. 

Dragging a fence back