Thursday, January 26, 2023

Forbes controversy - Eugowra street art.

So I'm back in Forbes again after 12 months. More flood damage and more helping repair fences.

No boring flood damaged fences photos so please read on ;)

Took time off to check out the sculptures in town that caused all the controversy. Readers may recall the photos from the last trip here in January-March 2022 of the street art on The Lachlan Way Anyway these are in a park right in town and the article explains the level of feeling created by "The Pyramid"

Spent a week cleaning fences for a farmer a little south of Eugowra, the town that was nearly washed away by floods early in December last year. Like Rochester and Elmore caravans are in front of nearly every house in town.

Staying positive with my photos but you can click the link to check the extent of the disaster. 

As always click on a photo to enlarge.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Harden and Grenfell

Stopped in Grenfell and surprised to see the Main St is still closed to through traffic.

Grenfell Main St upgrade: Extract from the local paper back in December 2020.

“This is great for the community, this project will stimulate the growth of the community by attracting more of the tourism dollar. We want to show off our heritage, our boutique shops and local businesses,” Cr Liebich said.

“We’ve commenced work this morning and it’s supposed to be finished by the end of May, ahead of the Henry Lawson Festival in June. We will aim to inconvenience shop owners and businesses as little as possible; we don’t want to impede their trading.”

Now January 2023. Instead of just 5 months it's been 24 months and it's still not finished. The street is not open to through traffic. Bollards and tape everywhere. I wonder how many Main St traders are still in business?

Harden has one now.

Old bike wheels?

Grenfell Main St.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Wagga and Gundagai.

Really hot! High 30s so a swim in the pool at Wagga was a good break from the heat. Then camped at Wilks Park. Still the same and somewhat dodgy. Semi-permanent people mixed with overnighters like myself. Pretty sure I witnessed a drug deal, not unusual for Wilks Park. 

On to Gundagai. Rain and more rain. At Gundagai taking advantage of the view from the lookout in town whilst heavy rain and a thunderstorm come through. Moved off briskly when a bolt of lightning lit up the sky and the thunder was almost immediate. Hmm, me sitting in my metal car amongst radio towers made of metal, probably not the best. Shut down the laptop and bolted down the hill.

Camping by the creek tonight. Just hope the water don't rise.

P.S. The timber viaduct and bridge are still here in Gundagai Simon.

Always nice to spot something strange or different.

This in a shop in Lockington

Yep that's a pond in the floor

Hmm where does the male go?

A council with a sense of humour.
Morleys Creek Gundagai.