Monday, August 8, 2022

Woolooga and Murgon

Got away as planned mid/late July. But the wheels fell off, so to speak, with the unexpected temporary closure of the Woolooga BlazeAid camp due to resent rain. Arrangements were made for me to work a farm until the camp reopened but illness of the farmer prevented that from happening. So ended up cruising around the Gympie Shire. Kandanga, Gympie, Theebine and Kilkivan. The weather was excellent, sunny cloudless days with only a light breeze. Mind you paying for it at night and especially in the early morning with the temps down to single digits.

Bored I decided to go to the BlazeAid camp at Murgon. They had a covid scare and I was avoiding the place until the all clear but decided to stop living in a bubble. RAT testing showed all was (should be) good. 

A small camp of 3 teams going out each day with a group of wives doing a great job cooking.

I joined a team going to Ol' Bill's Place. Bill is 90+ and still working the farm. He has a wheelie walker for getting around the house and a stick for everywhere else. He's not real quick getting about but can still climb onto the tractor or drive the gator.

We looked like emus walking about the paddocks picking up timber that had floated down from the hills around his low lying farm. But there were fences and bush gates to rebuilt as well. The paddocks are still damp and getting bogged was always a consideration.

Available work was limited due to soggy paddocks on the remaining farms yet to be done, so we kept going back to Bill's. On day 4 we started doing gardening around the house, much to Bill's surprise and pleasure. Long smoko and lunch breaks with Bill entertaining us with stories of his past. All part of the BA service. Also worked another large property that been established for many years and helped finishing up there.

Murgon camp was obviously in the throes of winding up. I contacted the co-ordinator at Woolooga to hear that it was reopening again on Monday 8th. So a new camp, new people, new experience.

Old slab hut from way back when.

Product of much stick picking.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Cotton Tree - Ducks

It has been 14 weeks since returning to Cotton Tree back in April. Not a record but becoming tedious. The plan was to get to Townsville for The Dam Fine MH rally late in June but delays in the supply of bits and pieces for the MH put paid to that. Now things are coming together and those pesky ducks are starting to line up. The open road is nigh.

Managed to repair and or replace MH parts whilst here in Cotton Tree. The performance of front end shock absorbers can easily be overlooked whilst driving as their effectiveness reduces bit by bit. But a quick under body inspection is a give away and driving with a brand new pair is immediately noticeable and appreciated. I also had to the replace the blower motor in the cabin heater, not an easy job. Shocks and blower motor had to be sourced from the states so that always takes time. I took advantage of the layup to have both of the windscreen, split screen, glasses replaced as well.

A new awning had been on the cards for a long time. It surprised me the lack of commitment with a local supplier, in this case the awning guys. 4 to 6 weeks was the estimate, after 8 weeks I'm annoyed. Excuses but no apology. In the end I think they were referring to me as that pushy motorhome guy.

In between getting the MH ready for the road Cotton Tree proved to be a good spot to be hold up. The weather has probably been better than most anywhere further south with less rain and no flooding. Being on the coast probably helps with flooding, well until the oceans rise. Walking, bike riding and occasionally climbing Mt Coolum has generally kept me occupied.

The Sunshine Coast Council is again shifting beach sand around because of the erosion caused by tide, wave action and storms. Replenishing the groins and beach sand never seems to stop but its interesting to watch and forms part of my daily routine of walking the beach.

Before the latest replenishment of the groins.

Replacing the bags.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Coonabarabran - Wyaga - Millmerran - Toogoolawah

Stopped at the golf course in Coonabarabran.

Sign of the times, no TV signal but Internet access is OK. So got to watch the NRL Sunday game on the PC. Then finally back in Qld on the Gore Hwy and stopping roadside at Wyaga. 

Nice welcome back to Qld: The rivers are overflowing and lots of roads are closed. Snapped a shot of the Road Conditions sign leaving Millmerran saying the road was open but CAUTION. Then, 10km down the road, it closes and I am directed to turn around. Bugger!

I'm stuck in Millmerran as the Condamine River has topped the Gore Hwy at Pampas Bridge. So wait or what? Hmm wait, no hurry.

Did some shopping in town and repaired the bike flat tyre whilst I waited to see what the river would do. Checked the Internet Latest River Heights for North Condamine R at Pampas Br *

Set up camp at the local golf course. Space for about 6 vehicles, but just me here and the coarse is closed because of the resent rain. A lot less noise than a roadside stop or in town. Fast Internet to monitor the river height, read and blog. Got to be somewhere, this will do nicely for tonight.

Next day road still closed so headed south to Inglewood and the Cunningham Hwy. On to Warwick, Gatton, Esk and Toogoolawah.

Toogoolawah is a noisy roadside camp but good enough as I've gone far enough.

Not an uneventful trip as something spiked the left-hand rear outside tyre and it blew out with a bang. Always a lengthy procedure changing a tyre on the MH especially a rear one.

Not for long!

Took their time closing.
Must have been waiting for me 8:30am Tuesday.