Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Blueys Beach -Booti Booti -Wallis Lake -Red Head -Black Head -Wallabi and Old Bar.

 Navigating NSW coast generally north as the weather is sunny and warm. Free camping and spending my days reading-snoozing, swimming-walking. Working hard at not going anywhere specific, just cruising.

A fellow traveller and I recently talked about trig points and geocaching and lo and behold I started coming across TPs everywhere, well almost. If you want a special out of the way, unusual, special view, walk or indeed trek, go exploring TPs. Get of the beaten track or just a popular tourist spot, interesting.

Haven't played where-is-it for while.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bylong Valley Way, Molong, Sofala, Dungog, Bingleburra.

Left Forbes intent on bypassing Sydney and going to the coast for a swim. The Bylong Valley Way looked interesting and delivered on that. Stopped off for a look-see at Molong then sipping through Orange and Bathurst before stopping at Sofala.  

Sofala is a very old mining town and steps you back a couple of centuries, or so it seems. The streets are narrow and make for an interesting walk or drive. The locals, sitting on the sidewalk outside the pub, appeared to be performing in character as well. A real hat town. Probably getting primed to celebrate Australia Day. 

Thinking as driving: Australia's red roads or minor highways must have more potholes than the sands on Bondi Beach, or maybe it's just NSW. Some of the small town, council maintained roads, are even worse. All the resent rain? La Nina, El Nino, ENSO, SAM, MJO, IDO or just the weather?

The Golden Hwy for a bit, overnighting at Jerrys Plains. Skip though Singleton, and on to Dungog via Bingleburra, Stroud, Booral, cross the A1 at Bulahdelah and Seal Rocks.

Air temp far better than inland and the water temp, nice.

That's where all the TP went.

Sofala Street Art.

Sofala mining stuff?

Sofala Pub.

Seal Rocks.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Forbes controversy - Eugowra street art.

So I'm back in Forbes again after 12 months. More flood damage and more helping repair fences.

No boring flood damaged fences photos so please read on ;)

Took time off to check out the sculptures in town that caused all the controversy. Readers may recall the photos from the last trip here in January-March 2022 of the street art on The Lachlan Way Anyway these are in a park right in town and the article explains the level of feeling created by "The Pyramid"

Spent a week cleaning fences for a farmer a little south of Eugowra, the town that was nearly washed away by floods early in December last year. Like Rochester and Elmore caravans are in front of nearly every house in town.

Staying positive with my photos but you can click the link to check the extent of the disaster. 

As always click on a photo to enlarge.