Saturday, May 29, 2021

Corindi Beach - Mid North Coast NSW

May 2021

Corindi Beach is just north of Woopi (what locals call Woolgoolga) north of Coffs Harbour in NSW. Back in early March they had a one in 500 year rain event. Local farmers describe a wall of water larger and faster than has ever been seen before flooding houses upto a meter deep. Tractors, water tanks, fences and pretty much anything in its path was washed away.

BlazeAid set up a camp in the local caravan park and the volunteers responded from the towns around as well as some grey nomads. Having time to spare I took a drive down from Maroochydore to do a couple of weeks work.

A small team effectively cleared or rebuilt on average about 500m per day. Just about every farm had wet paddocks and the work at times was tough. One of the berry farms on Sherwood Creek Rd lost millions of dollars of produce already prepared for market the next day. The flood waters rose during the night peaking at about 3am and then reseeding very quickly.

Berry farm devastation.

Very handy thing to have on a ute.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Adelong BA and chooks

March 12th

Catching up with family in Adelong, slashing grass, painting, building a chook pen and levelling a site for two 20 foot containers. The containers might at some point be home to the MH. A couple of trusses between the two, a roof, and you have an all-weather shelter complete with rooms for a workshop and storage.

Also managed to fit in a couple of days at the BlazeAid camp in Adelong. Just a small group of us driving to Batlow each day to rebuild fences on somewhat challenging terrain.

Then it's heading north for Easter. 

The first time around was with a wheeled Bobcat
 but this little digger sorted it.

A tilt-tray truck delivered the containers.

Should have included this in the earlier post. Copied from the Internet.
McKillops bridge.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Ten Years On.

This blog started out as private back in April 2011. A private diary of travel. As I say to anyone that will listen: an argument stopper for when I'm in the retirement home and reminiscing about where I've been. I started it at a time of radical change in my life. After 40 years of marriage, I was now on my own, retired and touring about without a specific destination.

Three years on and a casual campfire conversation with other travellers convinced me to make it public. And from there the page view counter started registering visitors.

In September 2017 google reported 13,000 views. Now in 2021, it's ticking over 30,500 views, go figure, I never would have. Maybe when I set it up I should have ticked the box to monetise and permit advertising, nuh just kidding.