Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fishing weekend

Narrandera - Morundah

Easter.  Went into town to watch the rodders lap the main but got bored and headed down to the Morundah Pub.  Set up camp in the main street across for the pub.  Had a few beers at the pub then made a pizza for dinner before going back for a glass of wine.  One of my best pizzas, yum.

Morundah - Tocumwal
Killing time until the fishing club fishing trip weekend at Mulwala.  Where better than Tocumwal, wrong!  Never seen so many campers here at the town beach.  Hopefully some or most leave tomorrow.  Met Rinehart my neighbour for tonight, nice bloke.  Moved a few meters upwind to avoid the dust and met Diane a new neighbour.

Tocumwal - Mulwala
Headed off early and stopped for a swim at Barooga.  Dump and provisioned before booking in the caravan park on the lake.  Nice, the fishing club is picking up the bill.  Cold night just 3deg but had power and the heater works just fine.

One year ago today.  Thinking of you my dear.  Rode around town and out to Kiffins Res about 20km in all.  Blood Glucose getting out of control must focus.  Boozing with the fishing club guys is not helping.  Strung a couple of AFDs together and stayed on diet as well.

Mulwala - Wagga
Three monthly blood sample taken at Calvary Hospital then set up camp at Wilks Park.  Walked a couple of km around town checking out the shops.  Met Roy and traded good campsites mostly north from here. Saw the Doc about blood analysis results.  Better than expected but he didn't like the upward trend I assured him I knew how to turn it around.  Eyes, no change, but not worse so that's ok.  Its easier to control BGLs in Maroochydore than the Riverina that's for sure.

Headed off as my commitments have been met. Carrathool, Swan Hill, Terrick Terrick National Park I'm the only person here and probably for 20km, quiet total darkness at night.  Some nice walking and rock climbing to done but hard to stay more than a night.

Aysons Res, I think I've been here before ;)  Heading to Avoca to catch up with Les and Hannah.